Hybridge Dental Implants

What is Hybridge?

Dr. Alejandro Martinez is proud to be Hybridge-certified, helping patients with missing or unhealthy teeth to reclaim their confidence, enjoy the foods they love, and enjoy a lasting smile with the quality of life they deserve. Patients who have reaped the benefits of dental implants as a solution for missing natural teeth have learned that the first step begins with finding an implant professional who not only provides implant services, but excels at the procedure itself. Dr. Martinez is a part of the Hybridge network consisting of exceptionally skilled dentists. Hybridge Dental Implants are a standardized procedure that provides top-tier dental implants along with Hybridge restorations.

The Hybridge Full Mouth Bridge

When choosing a full arch dental implant solution, it’s essential to consider how the teeth are made and their composition. From the material used, to the crafting process at the Hybridge Laboratory, can help ensure you achieve the smile you desire as Great White Dental and Hybridge work together to craft your restored smile. Patients all over the world trust in the proven reputation of the Hybridge process. At Great White Dental, our providers are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that guarantee lasting results.

Testimonial: Scotty

In his mid-20s, Scotty faced the challenge of losing all his back teeth, which forced him to adapt to a life of eating without teeth. This situation led him to withdraw from social situations and avoid certain foods in public to avoid any uncomfortable moments. Scotty’s profession required him to speak in front of large audiences on professional development, but his dental issues held him back, limiting his ability to fully express himself.

Feeling constrained both internally and externally due to his dental health struggles, Scotty knew it was time for a change. Reflecting on his experience, he enthusiastically states, “My Hybridge doctor literally changed my life…there is not a hindrance in anything that I can do.”

More Testimonials

Dental Implant Success Rates

The success rate of these endosseous implants is greater than 95%. Success is typically defined as a healthy, functioning implant for at least a 10 year period. Implants should be expected to maintain their health and function for many more years than that.



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